Shri Mahadevi Tirth Sathan, popularly known as Vaishnu Devi Mandir (by localities), situated about two kilometers North from the Kullu valley on Kullu Manali road, though a newly fonded temple, yet it is acknowledged like any old famous temple.

The story of the origin of the temple is rooted in the childhood of Sri Sri Maharaj ji, when feeling that he will have to ultimately seek the lap of the Mother, rose within him. It is being said - that during his Sadhna days he heard the voice of the divine diety - "Go and find your Maa in North West direction". Following this clue, Sri Maharaj ji reached Kullu in 1962, however had to return disappointed since there was no sign of Maa here. He decided to move ahead and through Lahole / Chamba he reached Mata Vaishnu Devi shrine in Jammmu. After having the divine dharshanas of the diety - he again went to the trans. In his trans he seemed to be talking to Holy Mother. Mother said - Son I am impressed with your belief and faith in me. Go from where you have come and you will find the cave. This is the cave where I sat in penance to win over Lord Shiva. Go to that place, open out that cave to relieve the humanity of three way ordial. Obeying the divine orders - Shri Maharaj ji came back to Kullu in 1963.

After reaching Kullu, he was focussed on his aim to reveil the cave of the Holy Mother. He chose to sit under the Pipal terrace at upper Akhara Bazar. He spent his days serving people by quenching their thirst in the heated summer afternoons or by serving tea in winter days. After an year of selfless service and devotion he moved to the near by mountain, this place is known as his "tapasthali" now and here stands his live statue making us feel his presence in the temple.

As again ordered by the diety he moved a bit down the hill and meditated their for the weeks - this is the place where we now have the "Trimurti Darshanas". While developing this place he found a cave. This cave seemed to be very large internally however was covered with the big boulder and even was made more obscure by the water falling down the big rock place over the cave. Now in order to explore the cave, he diverted the flow of the water and levelled the cave to make the access to the inner part of the cave comfortable.

Shri Maharaj ji, in his mind was confirmed that this was the cave that the diety had been talking about. This was the divine inspiration for him to enshrine the idol of Maa Shakti - Mahadevi. Shri Maharaj ji decided to enshrine Maa Shakti on the Shivratri eve in 1965. The person who had promised to bring the idol and provide the vehicle to bring the idol was not able to turn up. This period made the disciples a bit worried as in what will happen next. However Shri Maharaj ji were calm and in the core of their heart knew that Maa herself will come for the rescue and the same happened. The same night a lady who is understood to be the guise of Maa herself came and placed her gold bracelets in Shri Maharaj ji's feet to meet out the expenses and also promised to lend the vehicle to bring the idol. In this way by the grace of the diety the idol of Maa Shakti was enshrined on the pious eve of Shivratri in 1966 and Maa Shakti of the cave began to be known as Vaishno Devi since then.

Now Shri Maharaj ji had another task of the diety to complete - another directive to fulfil. For relieving the humanity of his ordeals, he had to find the diety herself - the one who is the symbol of Matru Shakti, the motherly authority and affection which acts as a balm for all the human ailments.

Shri Maharaj ji made no mistake in recognizing the holy diety in Shri Maa Gita (Kumari Gita from Sood family in Akhara Bazaar). After undergoing Sadhna for few years in her parental home only she came to the Mahadevi tirth in 1974. Meanwhile with her true efforts Shri Sharda Maa Seva Sangha was established in 1970. The working committee of this Sangha now looks after all the major tasks of Mahadevi Tirth.

 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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