“Vaishnomata Mandir” -A visit which turned into Devotion

It was the month of February,1998 we made our honeymoon trip to Kullu. It was my maiden visit as well as my husband’s. We stayed in a lovely hotel named Sovla in Dhalpur. We could come to know from a young boy about the famous temple of “Vaishnomata Mandir” in Kullu. A inner sense urged us that we should make a visit to the holy temple and on 18th February morning amongst many visitors, we also took the darshan, offered puja and also were lucky to have the “Prasad”. That must surely be the wish of Swamijee and his call drew us to the temple. After returning to Guwahati, the inner self of both mine and my husband reflected about the temple and we again visit the temple on our first marriage anniversary in 1999.By the divine grace and swamijee’s blessings we became proud parents of our 1st son on 6th September,2000.We introspect and our mind could assimilate with the holy men of the temple and our feelings, spoke that we were becoming devotees of ‘Mahadevitirth’.
The  greatest opportunity of our life came on 6th September,2003 to meet with Mummijee(Sri Sri Gita Maa)for the first time.  Mummijee sitting in a small room wearing saffron coloured apparels and few disciples were sitting surrounding her. We saw a ‘motherly look’ in her face and a holy ambience skirting the room. Mummijee called me to sit beside her and  asked how we feel about the temple. We were blessed by Mummijee, she gave two drawing books to my son and a pomegranate to my husband. It was a solitary and a glorified experience and we came in direct touch with Mummijee. This day was the red letter day in our life and we didn’t look back in any matter. Though physically the temple is far away from our home state Assam, but we feel Mummijee and Swamijee are always with us in all walks of life.
In a wonderful morning of 2008,we received a call from Mummijee.My husband spoke with her. She spoke-“Sanjay, we are coming to Guwahati to offer puja at Kamakhya temple with 25 to 30 devotees”.On 14th February,2008 Mummijee put her step in our small house in Guwahati with 22 devotees. Mummijee and her devotees stayed in Guwahati for 5 days. Those 5 days were the wonderful 5 days in our life and we cherish the memory till date. During the visit here, one surprising incident took place, which I must mention. On 16th January Mummijee planed to go to Shillong,the capital of Meghalaya, which is around 100 km away from Guwahati. In early morning, we cooked pulao and paneer curry and started for Shillong and reached Shillong peak around 1’o clock. Shillong was chilling cold with 5 to 6 degree cel. But when we opened the big food container( not hotcase )still the food was too hot as we cooked it just now, everyone was surprised!  Mummijee told with a smiling face to all surprised ones“ dekho swamijee yaha bhi pahuch gaye”. This is the instance how much Swamijee loves and cares his Childs.
Swamijee and Mummijee exists in every spared of our life, we can’t express it in words……………………………..our heart and soul can only feel …………………….and guide us in our life.



Saswati Biswas



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 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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