Guru Brahma Guru Vaishnu...

Jai Mata Di

Guru Brahma Guru Vaishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara

Guru Sakshat Param Brahma Tasmayee Shree Guruvey Namha

As it is said - that without a teacher (Guru) there comes no knowledge (Jana). And we (I and my family) would have been without knowledge if we would have had not met Mataji as a teacher as a Guru.. We are lucky enough that we got in the shades of Mahadevi Tirth (For me a big banyan tree given shade to thousands of who spend their lives moving here and their in terms of getting peace and salvation)..

We are highly thankful to the deity who made us meet Mataji in 2002.. I still remember the day when my sister-in-law with her daughter called us from Samalkha (Sonipat, Haryana).. They came there to Gandhi Ashram to meet Mataji - so they called us saying that we too should come.. I said ok and me with my husband and daughter went there to meet them.. There we got a chance to meet Mataji - sit with her and chat with her.. I was astonished to see such a person who being a saint does all the work herself - she was just like her - she talked with us as if we know each other since years.. That day we got the blessings of the great deity - she blessed us by sending Mataji in our life.. Mataji and Vivek Bhaiya ji blessed us and gave us some Prasad..

Before this we had never met any saint like this - Mataji had a great impact on our minds and hearts.. After a brief meeting, me with my sister-in-law (Sarla Bhan) and her daughter (Shivani Bhan) went to Ambala.. After reaching there we felt like one and the other problems in our lives is getting solved.. Since then we are the members of Mahadevi tirth and actively participate in Nishkaam Karamseva.. Truly saying who so ever comes in the shades of Mahadevi Tirth - Mataji - gets everything in life.. Who so ever comes here takes something back - not something but everything.. Go there with a question and you will get an answer.. Go there with a problem and come out light as if there had been no issue..

Thus like other lucky members (of Mahadevi Tirth) I too was blessed with the showers of Guru Kripa. I remeber when one day we went to meet Mataji in bus and she said 'Bus ab agley saal apni car main aana' - I don’t know how come but funds got arranged and we bought a car.. Like this whatever we thought was there for us.. Our all troubles problems were resolved - as if She herself comes and tells us the solution - and we are now leading a peaceful and happy life..

Thus I am now the member of Sharda Maa Seva Sangha and actively participate the in Sangha activities..  

Jai Mata Di

Veena Raina


 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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