A Journey To Gateway Of Salvation

1.   My association with the Kulu-manali was during my trip to Western Himmalyan Mountaineering Institute Manali in the year 1991 where i represented my college in the university for one week trekking training programme.While going to kulu in the wee hours of morning i saw two yellow cemented lions on the right side of the road.I never Knew that after 16 years i will visit the auspicious place with my family including my in-laws.

2.  We used to hear from my chahaji Shri Ramesh sharma, my chachiji Shrimati Suman sharma, Pavel and Shakul who are my cousins that they used to go to kulu and had quite a learned session with pujya Maa’ji. And one day while visiting Sonepat i saw a divine potrait of pujya Maa’ji painted by chachaji, that was the time i was inquisitve and attracted to visit the esteemed Mahadevi tirth Kulu. Later on, the day came finally that my long cherished dream became true when i visited kulu during the summers of 2006 with my son and daughter and i was spell bound by the serene surroundings, pujya  Swami  Sevak das ji’s kutia and pujya Maa’ji’s charishmatic personality.

3.  My parents Shri Mahesh sharma and my mother Mrs Varsha sharma visit every year to the mahdevi tirth to attain peace and solace and get some gyan. They have been regularly coming to this shrine and have been contributing their Samay Daan in their little ways.They were also instrumental  of my comig to this place and motivated me to bring my husband who is in the Army and my in-laws to the auspicious place. Although my father-in-law and husband are from Army background,they were impressed by the discipline,management and upkeep of the shrine especially by Kamaal Bhaiji,whos day in and out serving the yatri’s with same energy and vigour. Mahadevitirth has a bhandara which is serving the prashad to devotees and the Yatri’s

4.   During my recent visit with my husband Maa’ji  told me that we all will go to Gau shala at Babrol  which is located about 10 Kms away from the shrine. The Gau Shala is located inside a fruit orchid having trees of plums and peaches(some photos of the same i am attaching). This place also had a lot of peace and tranquillity. We enjoyed there for about an hour and had some juices and chips which we had taken there. My children Samiksha and Chhavin who are born and brought up in city envoirement were too excited to see this place and till today the relish the wonderful experince of Mahadevi shrine and Babrol. Another thing i would like to highlight is that of Bannu (a white Pomararian). He has some majestic qualities about him and he is too alert through out the day.He only listens to Maa’ji and Kamaal Bahiji. He was also the centre of attraction formy kids as they were scared of him.

5.   Mahadevitirth has a magnetic attraction, not only to me but to my complete family. I shall always be thankful to god that it has shown me the path for Gateway to Salvation    

 Mahadevi Tirth  Mahadevi Tirth  Mahadevi Tirth   Mahadevi Tirth

 Even water, which has a natural tendency to flow downwards, is drawn up to the sky by the sun's rays. In the same way, God's grace lifts up the mind which has got a tendency to run after sense objects. Sharda Maa

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